Utility infrastructure specialist, Matrix Networks Group will be switching its company car fleet to battery electric vehicles from June 1st 2021.

The change in stance is part of the Company’s plan to operate as a carbon neutral business within the next decade. This is in line with the Government’s plan for achieving a carbon neutral economy by 2050 and for all vehicles to be zero emissions by 2035 (1).

Cars are currently leased by Matrix Networks Group for employees and by switching to zero emission alternatives, the Company hopes to cut its carbon emissions by 29 tonnes, based on data from its existing corporate fleet. There is also future scope for its fleet of commercial vehicles to join the electric revolution, delivering further savings for the business and the environment.

Rob Sparkes, Matrix Networks Group CEO, said: “The Government has made its 10 Point Plan clear for achieving carbon net zero by 2050, and with further findings published by the IEA this week (2) about the benefits to be gained from switching to clean energy sources, the need for us all to take action on climate change is clear.

“Switching our company car fleet to fully electric vehicles is just one step along our own journey to operate as a carbon neutral business. It’s the collective effort however of the same small steps being made by so many others, which will ultimately help us all achieve our goal.”

More than 239,000 zero emission battery electric vehicles are now on the road in the UK, supported by more than 45,000 charging points nationwide (3). Rob continued: “The choice for battery electric vehicles is broadening all the time and its encouraging to see how infrastructure across the country is changing to support this. And, from the point of view of our own business as an Independent Connections Provider and Independent Distribution Networks Operator, we’re seeing an increasing number of contracts asking for Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) points to be installed, as more Developers and Main Contractors opt to make this facility available.”

Matrix Networks’ new fleet will be gradually introduced as the agreements on its existing vehicles come up for renewal. A variety of different makes and models will be leased by the Company according to need and suitability for individual employees and EV charging points will be installed where possible at its offices in Warrington, Northampton and Slough.


1: The Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution
2: IEA: Pathway to critical and formidable goal of net-zero emissions by 2050
3: RAC: The Road to Electric, April 2021