Connecting our sustainable future
Our commitment

Our vision is to be the strategic energy partner of choice, putting our customers first to deliver sustainable power and service solutions.

Working as a utility infrastructure provider, we take our environmental social governance (ESG) responsibilities extremely seriously.

Through our design and operational activities we energise developments, bringing them to life for our customers – and are often responsible for their ongoing supply of power. We appreciate the significance of our work and its potential impact across the scope of the ESG agenda – to address this, we emphasise the importance of early and close collaboration with our clients, enabling sustainable solutions to be identified wherever possible.

As a Group, we’re committed to having a positive impact on the environments, people and communities we interact with and aim to be a net zero carbon business by 2030.

Our framework

Considering the purpose of our organisation, the people we interact with and the work we deliver, our ESG strategy is built around three strong pillars:


Prioritising safety and minimising risk across our work


Supporting, developing and empowering our people


Working with our suppliers to deliver sustainable solutions

Full details of how we’re working to this framework and the targets we have for achieving net zero carbon, are explained on our Group website.