• How we deliver

From business parks to student accommodation, distribution centres to retail units, we’re independent, agile and innovative. Matrix Networks provides a truly end-to-end service for utility infrastructure installations. Here’s how:

It starts with you: Your project, your brief, your timescales and your budget.

We’ll produce the initial designs.

We’ll provide you with a quote.

If you accept our offer, we’ll meet to discuss the contract.

Then we’ll develop the design further and order the materials we need.

Once the design is approved, we’re ready to start on site.

We’ll manage the project with local authorities and statutory bodies to ensure the connection can be made.

We’ll complete the on-site installation.

We’ll work with the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to make the connection.

Then, we’ll bring your development to life

But we don’t stop there, we remain on hand for any questions or issues you may have regarding our work in the future.